Lars Hackl was born on 6 June 1964 at 6.06 a.m. in Mannheim, a city known for its grid layout. And because both the date and the time seemed to fall a bit too close to “the realm of evil“, she was determined to sneak on an extra four minutes. In this endeavor, she succeeded only for the photo album not however for the birth certificate. The pudgy baby with round, brown eyes began to speak already at nine months only to cease speaking completely, at a later time, for an entire year. To this day, Hackl insists that this shaped the foundation for his mastery of the art of meaningfully crafting sentences from words that build upon one another: Molded into paragraphs - time after time - they fill pages that will forge the chapters of a book.

His parents recognized this mute baby‘s special literary talent at an early stage and decided to re-locate to the romantic Heidelberg in the lovely Neckar Valley – a bastion of the poet princes – where the art of writing has been held in high estimation from time immemorial. Having, in the meantime, recovered from his temporary speechlessness, the incessantly babbling tot now seized upon his destiny as a Gemini. He developed enthusiasm for all that he could – but which he may never really have been destined for. He gladdened all of the great wide world’s sports fields through his skilled presence, sailed through his school and university programs with an air of casual earnestness. His early –and apparently not well thought-through - wish to become a priest soon stood at odds with his recognition that the benevolent Lord managed to produce marked differences in creating mankind; while some were better, others were quite the opposite.

In an effort to win over his first love, to impress her and – for the first time – to unleash his true destiny, at the tender age of 17, he penned a book of fairy tales for his chosen one. A book that she cherishes to this very day for two main reasons. On the one hand, because her little daughter stubbornly demands to be read stories from this book – even when she’s already heard them a thousand times before. And on the other hand because she has not given up hope that this handwritten first work manuscript will one day be worth a lot of money and serve to bolster her pension. In the mean time, this straightforward childhood hero guides and coaches leaders, projects, managers and executive board members. And these days, he is quite certain that he will soon serve only one master with his inherent intensity and passion, namely writing.