"Die Tragischen Talente des Jan-Niklas H." (The Tragic Talents of Jan-Niklas H.) was wonderfully translated into English by Andrew Jenkins, a linguist and university lecturer who has been active for over 40(!) years.

When I don't have enough time to write books, I write at least more poems. I start to enjoy it, it's creative and it requires a lot of intensive thoughts and feelings.
My new crime novel is written. It receives brilliant reviews. I worked really hard on the structure and all the details together with my editor and friend Tania. It was a real struggle but: The baby is born! Hurray!

2011/2012 Celebrating the turn of the year in Berlin: Breathing culture, literature, Deutsche Oper, Blue Man Group, museum tours, gathering impressions for new books.

The monologues are done now. Finally wrapped up. The first two books of the trilogy. I love them - it was a pleasure to write them. As always, thank you Tania for editing.